Barbara Krupp

My journey as an artist over the past decade has gathered momentum in ways I never anticipated.  Professional recognition – which I have never sought – in the form of increased solo, group and now Museum shows has given me encouragement.  And I believe my expressive potential has begun to mature.

I work in two distinct regions of the United States.  Summers are spent in the unsparing light of my country’s heartland, in Ohio.  Its rhythms are essentially stretched and flattened: massive farms on vast plains.  And yet it is impossible to ignore the rugged, sometimes shattered, verticals of its urban landscapes as well.

Winters slip by on the shores of Southern Florida, an altogether softer, more flowing sensibility.  The night in all its aspects is important here, and the early mornings.  These odd juxtapositions and geographic shifts have a lot to do with the forms my pictures have taken.  

Nature has always been my most fundamental inspiration. Gardens, for example, my own and others’, simple and complex, were behind the organizing principles of my work.  But in recent years, nature as a larger force has begun to influence my paintings directly.  A trek through Eastern Virginia’s fogged and misted woodlands last year began to translate itself immediately into my latest series.  When I came home, my painting was different.  My colors became quieter, but I feel new energy beneath them. 

My last travels took me to Sicily.  Two weeks trekking through ruins, mosaics, and ancient buildings  turns ones artistic journey to a quickening journey of past and present and future.  I photographed many images to paint in my minds-eye and when I return home I had digitally lost my images.  It forced me to what I have always done, paint what I feel.  My new pieces have captured the essence of lost images that are now new again for the first time.  Life is exciting..


Available Works:

"The Happy Goldfinch" 46x60

"A Puppet's Tale" 48x60

"The Ode to Lace and Song" 52x52

"Monday at Midnight" 48x48

"A Crabbie Apple" 30x30

"Earth Day" 24x24

"Adjusting the Line of Time" 30x30