Barbara Westwood.

Westwood has worked with the highest quality cut precious gems and stones throughout her career. She has developed an ingenious system which allows any jewelry collector to custom build his or her own jewelry. All Westwood chains, slides, jewel drops, and brooch pins are interchangeable, providing endless possiblilities.

Barbara's passion, for over 30 years, has been rare and one of a kind fine colored gemstones. Her latest collection features the truly world class gem creations from the world's finest gem cutters and carvers. These "Gifts" as she calls them are the result of this passion, philosophy and the desire to connect with others with her art.

Available Work:



Black Onyx Triangle Drop

Horizons Collection, .27 Diamonds, Onyx, Opal, and Rutilated Quartz 

Lapis Cross with Diamond Accents

Aquamarine with Diamond Accents