Available Works:

Bob Ichter

Ichter is best known for his brilliantly colored, stylized landscapes in pastel on suede and abstract oil and acrylics on canvas. His color-saturated landscapes and dragonflies convey his passion for the beauty of nature and his intense abstract works show his depth of imagination and spontaneity.

Ichter's signature style has been developed over an almost thirty-year career in painting.  In all of his work, intense competing colors co-exist harmoniously and create a sense of lush, vibrant and idyllic natural world.

"Seas of Europa XXXVI and XXXIX"  15x60 

"We are Stardust" I, II, III, IV 24x48 each

"Blue Reminds Me" 72x48

"Songs of Distant Earth VIII" 92x48

"Make Your Garden Grow" 20x60

"Songs of Distant Earth VII" 30x48

"Estuary" 30x40

"Always and Forever" 48x60

"Green Tree Frog" 11x11

"The Time has Come" 20x24

"Periwinkle Hummingbird" 16x12

"Pastel Flower" 16x12

"Serenity I" 36x36

"Treasure Island" 48x48

12x12 each

12x12 each