Larry Osso

Larry Osso creates watercolor paintings based on his love for the natural beauty of our earth, and his inseparable connection to it. Art has always been part of his life, but he began his journey as an artist at the age of fifteen, when he began to rearrange high school courses to match his desire. Studying under many professional artists his first love was the commercial world of art, receiving an associates degree in advertising design and working as the art director for a leading agency in Palm Beach, Florida. His watercolors have been exhibited in many shows, and galleries, and adorns the homes of art lovers in several states in the U.S. While in Florida he had the privledge of doing the portraits of all the actors performing at the Burt Reynolds theater, all the while his love of painting wildlife remained. In his work Osso employs a technique known as dry-brush, this combined with keen observation allows the beholder to get a glimpse of the intrinsic world as the artist perceives it. He currently resides in Florida, with his wife and dog.

Available Works:

"Things are Looking Up" 22x30

"A Day at the Lake" 13.25x23.5

"Visiting Sandhill Cranes" 29x40

"Dragonfly" 19x14