Laurie Wolf

Laurie's passion for drawing began and art began at age 2 and she has continued that passion throughout her life.

She however, grew up in a household that did not support art as anything serious. Her parents refused to pay for her college to study art and she was told she could keep it as a hobby only. So although she attended college and was on the dean's list, she eventually dropped out, since art was her only passion.

Marriage followed and being creative remained her focus. She explored many forms of artistic expression, but painting remained her real love. Over time she developed her own style and it has grown over the years.

In addition to painting, her other passion since birth was animals, so it was only natural that her paintings would combine the two passions and evolve into the work you see today.

Laurie spends an average of two days a week doing the photography for her work. Photography is also a love of hers and her husband has discovered a love for it as well. They've combined forces to make her research trips into a joint effort and a joy. Her husband David now provides many of the images that translate into her paintings.

"It is my hope, that my absolute love for animals and most specifically birds, comes across in every painting. They are so beautiful, innocent and independent of us and our stress filled world. Their future often seems very precarious, so capturing brief moments of their lives on canvas is important to me. In this small way, I can preserve some of that beauty, grace and elegance for the future".

Available Works:

"The Hunt" 30x40

"A Mornings Walk" 24x30

"Beach Bums" 24x30

"The Nesting III- The Offering" 30x40

"His Private Oasis" 30x40

"In the Dawn's Early Light" 24x36

"A Little Bit of Trouble" 30x40

"The Dance" 18x36

"Morning Glory" 24x36

"Meadowlark I" 8x8

"Meadowlark II" 8x8