Mario Jung

Born in 1949 in Seoul, South Korea, Mario has been a member of the Seoul Artist Association for more than 30 years and has received grand prize honors in the category of Western Art from the association’s Exhibition of Fine Artists.

Mario’s landscape painting surfaces are rich and sumptuous. The landscapes are so dimensional; it entices the viewer to want to touch the rich color canvas. His still life realism paintings give a bigger than life view of the fruits that we enjoy.

Working in a multitude of genres, Mario’s emerging popularity is heightened by his ability to create a diverse range of work from classic and realistic stills, popular among Nu Realists collectors, to passionate impastos with richly textured details.

Available Works:

"Colorful Days" 48x48

"It's Been So Long" 48x48

"Westward Bound" 36x60

"In Memory of You" 48x36

"Beacon of Light" 48x48