Michael Jackson

Several years ago I made the decision to move to SW France et la vie est très agréable. Before making the decision to move, I lived in Houghton near Preston for over twenty years. It was there that I set up my studio and started my career as a fine artist, first exhibiting at the Ethos Gallery, Clitheroe in the Ribble valley. I have been represented by many major galleries since then, and enjoyed being part of the London art scene, however bigger is not always better, and too much pressure is not conducive to being creative and developing as an artist. I do occasionally miss the UK, it’s just the weather that used to get me down, here we have real seasons like when I was a child, and each season has its own particular virtue, although I do love summertime most of all. Life here in France moves at a more sedate and harmonious pace, but that said, I have certainly not been idle. During my time here I have developed my artistic technique and repertoire of subjects. I have held major exhibitions of new work in London, Florida, Barbados and Bermuda, and have also found time to renovate our home, a beautiful neo-gothic chateau that was crying out for rescue before it was too late to restore. 

It is imperative for me to make time to travel in search of the inspiration that fuels my desire to paint and be creative. Each of the countries I choose to visit, offers something different, and provides exciting opportunities for observing the wonderful multiplicity of life that our glorious planet has to offer.

Available Work:

"Flying High" 24.5x32.25

Michael is able to fly in from France to create a custom mural in your home