Michael Kahn

Michael Kahn is a photographer whose luminous and powerful images represent his two life-long passions: the ocean and classic sailing yachts. He travels the globe to produce his series of works. Michael’s current series is made from the America’s Cup Jubilee, the distinctive worldwide event held at the Isle of Wright, Great Britain. He hand-prints his images using a process he developed over many years researching and working in the darkroom. Michael’s warm, sepia toned images are unique and demonstrate his expertise as a fine printer. As a lover of nature, the sea, and sailboats, Michael’s work perpetuates the beauty and majesty of our all too fragile environment and celebrates the architecture of sailing vessels and those who preserve them. Of Michael’s work Russell Jinishian, publisher of Marine Art Quarterly, has said, "Like another great American master, Ansel Adams, Michael Kahn’s photographs distinguish themselves for their sureness of vision, richness of atmosphere and subtlety of surface. With a simple straightforward approach he’s able to make statements of great complexity, and evocative power that transform the ordinary worlds into images of ethereal beauty and resonance."

Represented by international galleries, Michael Kahn’s works are also held in both private and large corporate collections, such as McGraw Hill, Liberty Property Trust, and MBNA Bank. He photographed, under assignment, for EXXON, DuPont de Nemours Company, and Nations Bank Visa. His prints are seen in set designs for films by MGM, his still shots appear in the Warner Brothers film, Message in a Bottle, and will be used in the next James Bond film. Michael has been profiled and his images showcased in prominent magazines and newspapers such as National Geographic, Coastal Living, Architectural Digest, Classic Boat, Sailing World, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. Michael Kahn’s work has been published in the books, Brandywine, 1990 and The Spirit of Sailing in 2004.

Available Works:

"Wild Rose" 48x48 10/10 Photograph on Silver Gelatin

"American Beauty" 19x19 14/50 Photograph on Silver Gelatin

"Over the Dunes" 19x19 22/40 Photograph on Silver Gelatin

"Off Season" 19x19 36/40 Photograph on Silver Gelatin

"Three Dories" 30x30 3/50 Digital Print

"Mariquita" 30x30 1/50 Digital Print

"Water's Edge" 19x19 6/50 Photograph on Silver Gelatin

"Over the Dunes" 48x48 10/10 Photograph on Silver Gelatin

"South Beach" 30x30 25/50 Digital Print