Available Works:

Mikhail Martin

Mikhail Martin is a young emerging artist represented by Mary Martin Gallery in Charleston, SC and Naples, FL.  Drawing and painting from childhood, art has always been a focus for him. He is also deeply interested in Neuroscience, Psychology, and the physics of the universe. For years he struggled to decide which area he’d be most interested in devoting his life to, but his artwork has evolved to combine his areas of interest. He finds that abstraction of concepts, ideas, and scenes conveys deeper meanings and layers of understanding than realistic renditions. Mikhail’s recent work has meaning on the micro and macro level- his art could be interpreted as neural wiring or a galactic supercluster. He describes himself as an Entropic Expressionist. His art has been called some of the most interesting work coming into the Charleston art scene.  Acclaimed by several noted collectors of modern art, Mikhail knows no fear and abides by no boundaries in creating his paintings.  Each piece is a unique creation.  His work grabs your attention and holds you in its thrall. 

"Emergence" 40x30

"Negentropy"  47.5x35.5

"Movement"  23x46

"Celebration" 24x36

"Id" 36x24

"Desired Path" 36.5x6.25