Nelson Grice

Nelson Grice is a highly talented Alabama artist specializing in uniquely entertaining animal sculptures and paintings. After graduating from Berry High School in 1987 he enrolled at the University of Montevallo where he received his BFA with a concentration in ceramics. In 1994 Nelson enrolled in the School of Education at Montevallo and completed his masters degree in 1996. He has been teaching sculpture at Hoover High School since that time. Nelson's work is inspired by the childish play of building with legos and Lincoln logs. Through a process of creating his own components or custom legos he is able to then assemble the parts together and explore his imagination as when he was a child. Nelson's hope is that the viewer will find a laugh whether through the irony of the material and the subject or just through the animated personalities of his characters.

Available Works:

"Three in One" 

"Double Dog Dare"


"The Piper is Calling"

"What's Up Doc?"

"Safari Cycle"

"Tall Standards"