Ray Shaw

Ray Shaw is renowned for his expert portrayal of wildlife. His art is held in high esteem by many private collectors.

Peter Frank: “I’ve been a collector of art for many, many years. Ray Shaw’s bird paintings have always captivated me, to the extent that I built a gallery to house more than 50 of his original pieces.”

His kinship with nature began at an early age and has been a prominent part of his life. Ray first picked up a brush at the age of seven. He practiced falconry from the age of fifteen years old and cared for wounded birds at the age of seventeen.

The Air Force Academy purchased a painting of a peregrine falcon for their library collection when Ray was only eighteen years old. He joined the Navy and painted for admirals and captains of the seventh fleet.

After being discharged from the armed forces, Ray painted in Old Town San Diego for tourists for five years. He then established the “Bullocks Fine Art Gallery of San Diego”, representing over sixty-five artists in the area.

In 1990, Ray studied painting in a master class taught by Robert Bateman. Sculpting is another fine art of Ray’s.

Currently, Ray is filming a pilot for a new television series, called Art Safaris with Ray Shaw, about his travels into the wilds and the images he captures on canvas.

He spends his time painting, communing with the native wildlife, and living out his passion for his art, his work, and his connection to nature.

Available Works:

"Resurrection" 60x48

Preening Time 24x12