Born of a long line of French painters tracing to the time of Louis XIV, Vincent followed in his family tradition.  In recent generations his grandfather Pierre Gaston Rigaud was a studio partner of Toulouse Lautrec, and uncle Jean Rigaud, with whom he began his artistic training, was a noted marine artist whose works are exhibited in many French museums.  Vincent dedicated himself to the Impressionist style and became one of its leading practitioners of his generation.  He is a member of the Salon d’Automne, Salon des Independents, and Academic Institute of Paris, and his works are in numerous private collections throughout Europe and the United States.  He exhibits today in Versailles, Geneva, and other European cities.

    Dedicated to his motto “Follow the light,” the artist spends much of his time on location in Provence, the Italian Riviera, and the Mediterranean islands, always choosing his destination for the particular effect of sunlight present there at a precise time of the year.  His paintings reflect his Impressionist’s preoccupation with light and its subtleties as it plays upon the water in one way in the morning and differently at dusk, how it peeks through a cloudy sky or flows intensely from a cloudless one to enhance a field of grass or a mountainside village.  Luminosity is the key to the colors he presents, with many of them true to the world as it is, but others taking license to show what the eye glimpses through shadowing and reflection.  Hence purple mountains, brilliantly yellow fields, and window shutters of hues that stretch the imagination.  Here is Vincent’s Impressionist vision of the world that gives viewers a warm feeling about places where they have been or where they would like to be.




Avaliable Work:

"Las Bougainvillas Ibiza" 40x50

"Dordogne River" 40x50

"The City" 26x32

"Sunrise Venezia" 26x32

"Lavendar in Provence" 40x50

"Evening Reflects" 40x50

"Summer in Mallorca" 40x50

"Sun Rising Venezia" 40x50

"Vallauris Provence" 30x40

"Canal Venezia" 40x30

"La Salute di Notte Venezia" 24x36

"Vallauris Flower Street" 36x24

"Old Vallauris Provence" 40x30